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Prime Contractor

The following contract vehicles have been awarded to Business Management Associates (BMA) as an approved prime contractor:

  • GSA 8(a) STARS II
  • State of Maryland CATS+
  • Core Team on EAGLE II FC2seaport-e_1
  • NAVSEA SeaPort-e

Contract Vehicle Details

GSA 8(a) STARS II (all eight of the functional areas under Constellations I and II)

Contract number: GS-06F-1251Z. BMA, Bay State Computers, Inc. and Vinculum Solutions, Inc. have come together to form BSTARS, LLC, a joint venture providing a full-service technology offering to GSA clients.

IRS Total Information Processing Support Services 4 (TIPSS4), Management/Business Operations Support Services (MBOSS)

Prime contract holder under IRS TIPSS4 MBOSS IDIQ. Effective June 2011 through June 2021. The TIPSS4 MBOSS contract is a 10-year Multiple Agency Contract to provide business support services for Department of the Treasury (DOT), IRS, Treasury Bureaus, and other Federal agencies outside DoD.

State of Maryland Consulting and Technical Services (CATS)+

Prime contract holder.